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it always makes me laugh when someone says "what happened to you? you used to be so happy." and i never really know what to say- so my guess is this collection of poems sprouted from those suppressed responses.
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what happened to that happy little girl that you used to be?
she grew up.

she found out that no one will ever love her as she is,

and she found ways to be accepted more or less as  herself since no one else would-

she realized that fairy-tales are all lies,

and that prince charming is a bumbling bastard to afraid to speak up and be heard-

and that being the evil stepmother is more profitable than being Cinderella-

at least the evil stepmother gets respect-

what does Cinderella get?

a whole lotta nothing for a glass slipper- if the shoe fits wear it right?

oh and that little girl you want back?

she's buried in the backyard under six feet of discarded dreams and broken hearts,

shattered glass from those beers that she should've never had,

bruises from nights spent with men of the wrong kind,

and a shovelful of hurts and pains and regrets-

that little girl just has so much regret.

she's buried at the base of a mountain of mistakes.

you can't be happy if the rain clouds are hanging low and the storm is based in your head.

you can't be little when the world demands that you grow up-

you cant be little when your brain tells you you're grown,

and you cant be a happy little girl when you've seen the things i've seen,

known the aching bitterness i've known.

if the world told you that you could be a princess, no questions asked, would you still believe them?

that little girl opened her eyes,

and realized that being happy is a fucking full-time job,

and its a war.

every war has blood spilt on cold floors,

her war sent her to the hospital countless times,

countless times she's decided it was easier to try ending her life,

her war still has her asking why on a fucking daily basis,

have you ever seen a happy prisoner of war?

there are no happy endings for a little girl born into a cruel world-

a princess of the past's mind,

but a whore to the present ones-


that is what happened to your happy little girl.

The End

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