Little Cherry Blossom


I find myself a tiny insignificant bud on a naked cherry tree,

Waiting endlessly for a chance to escape

The lifeless lonely world that consumed me.

After a bitter dark winter, you brought forth the most comforting warmth.


I’ve watched you replace the frigid barren scenery of winter

With the liveliness, the color, and the music that only Spring can provide.

Your compassionate touch of sunlight, your refreshing April showers,

And your gentle fragrant breeze that embraced me with affection

Has encouraged me to become this beautiful cherry blossom.


But cherry blossoms can only bloom for so long.

Soon I will leave this cherry tree and fall slowly and quietly to the ground.

After I wilt away, Spring will nurture a more lasting, more beautiful flower

Than this little cherry blossom.

The End

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