Little Brown Girl

Hey you little brown girl with your head held low,

Do you wanna hear a story from long ago?

It’s about our ancestors and our lack of freedom,

You see back then we weren’t free and didn’t have all the options that you have now,

Little brown girl, we were beaten, raped, and mentally abused,

We were oppressed and still are,

Do you know how many rights you have now,

The right to stand up for yourself,

Little brown girl don’t take any mess from them,

We been through a lot for you to be here in this position,

Little brown girl, back then you weren’t called pretty or human,

Today you are beautiful, free, and intelligent,

You can do all things that you set your mind to,

Don’t let naysayer’s kill your dreams,

Little brown girl the world is yours,

Go for every opportunity you can afford,

Our ancestors paved the way for us to be here smiling today,

Be the girl you always wanted to be, believe in yourself just like they did for you and me,

No longer are we slaves, animals, and unpretty,

We have broken those chains and have been set FREE!

Little brown girl you are beautiful, intelligent, and Free,

Don’t forget that please,

Little brown girl

The End

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