Little Bird

Little child

My heart wept as you slept

Your tiny body the missing puzzle piece of me

So defenceless, so innocent

Your scalp still pulsing, waiting for the last part of you to grow complete

Your whole life ahead of you, my whole life in you

I waited for the day you’d say “Mama!”


Little bird

My heart sang as you talked

The babbled words of a child

Lilting like the sweetest song

Your pouting lips offering me the sound

The rounded word rolling off your tongue like a Lifesaver



Little bear

My heart leapt as you walked

Shakily placing your feet

One chubby limb at a time

The first step of billions more that will follow

Your arms outstretched, your eyes determined



Little kangaroo

My heart squeezed as you skipped

Your ponytails bouncing behind you, your laughter trailing

Your tinkling voice urging me to “huwwy”, still unable to pronounce the r’s

I laughed as I followed you, and cried as you left

Feeling your absence acutely on your first day of school

Waiting to hear you say “Mama!”


Little owlet

My heart smiled as you lifted your head

Proudly reciting the facts you learnt in class that day

Believing that you knew all there is to know in the world

Believing that you’re all grown up, a girl of nine

The torrent of why’s and how’s came no more

And I waited for you to say “Mama, but why?”


Little cat

My heart cried as you left

Following the steps of your friends, eager to make something of yourself

You wanted to fit in, be independent

You flirted and winked, rushed into finding your first love

And I prayed that he deserved you, that you’ll be happy

All the while waiting for you and your cries of “Mama!”


Little turtle

My heart pained as you retreated

Holding fortress inside your room, keeping us out

Out of your life, out of your mind

The parents who marred your image

I cried outside your door when you swore

And waited for you to come and say “Mama!”


Little lovebird

My heart soared as you laughed

Mocking your boyfriend’s awkwardness as he came

Smiling as you stared into his eyes

You believed that he was it, the love of your life

You drifted, away into the wide unknown

And I waited for you to come home and say “Mama!”


Little bird

Your eyes shining with the thoughts of a new life

You were beautiful, my girl grown at last

Your black hair, my black hair, curled demurely beneath the veil

Your slender finger aching for the feel of his ring

You walked, and talked, and skipped, and laughed

And flew away from me, your wings spread wide

My little bird

The End

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