Little Bird

Little bird, little bird,

Flying so free.

Little bird, little bird,

Flutters by me.


She lands on a bush

And chirps a lively tune.

Never sad,

Never scared,

Never cold,

Never blue.


Soars through the warm breeze,

Peaceful flyers

Without a care in the world.


I wish to someday be

Little bird, little bird

joyous and free,

And having no boundaries.


To slice through the skies

What a high that would be!

To see some beauty

Of the wolrd from high above.


But alas, this cannot be.

One can't just sprout wings

And take flight.


So I shall stay

Feet planted on the ground.

With my heart going to pieces,

For having to still hang around.


So little bird, little bird

Doesn't cry like me.

Little bird, little bird

doesn't die inside

Like me.

The End

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