Little Adventurer

This is a poem inspired by Neil Gaiman's "Coraline." There's so much dark imagery in the book. It felt natural to write a poem on it.

Little adventurer, wander not into the darkness

For She is waiting, waiting over the threshold

Be not overwhelmed by curiosity

Through the wooden door lies a world of despair

But curiosity pulls you in ever so slowly…

There you stand, the darkness a matter of feet away

You walk forward, your first steps into the other world

What lies on the other side? What could the darkness hold?

Everything’s similar, yet different.

This new world is enticing, how She meant it to be

She wants you to stay eternally; She wants you as Her own.

Fear builds up; you return to your sanctuary

But everything’s gone, nothing remains.

What started as an innocent trip into the darkness has returned to haunt

The evil has escaped, Pandora’s Box opened

Reality and illusion are now one, intertwined into your nightmare

Your light is gone, the world you once knew whispers frightful losses

It’s all Hers now, Hers to keep

She’s luring you in by taking what you love

Go forth, Coraline!  Make haste towards those you love!

She wants to take you and keep you for her own.

Her grip is strong, but your will is stronger

Be brave! For the fate of those you love rests upon you!

Face your fears! Your time to prove yourself has come!

Little adventurer, wander on into the darkness

Your fright consumes you, but keep one thing in mind

“When you’re scared, but you still do it anyway

That’s brave”

The End

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