Little Action from a Bird

a poem about how our present decisions affect those close to us and follow us throughout our lives.


The little bird perches above the sun,

High in the wispy branches of the tree.


Beautiful grace. He swoops,

Plucks a worm

From the cold earth,

The tiny thrusts of life

Wriggling in the worm,

Bursting out.


The little bird takes flight,

Hiding from the truth of his crime,

Life, dying inside him.

Wild eyes searching for peace.

His full, fat stomach,

Weighing against his wings.

His mind raging in pain.



Up to his nest,

Scrawny necks reaching,

Mouths open and waiting.

They are fed,

With life from his throat.


They grow strong,

Fly as well as any other bird,

With songs in their mouths

Sweet and pure,

Their feathers long and bloody.


written on the 2nd March 2009... posted on on the 23rd April 2009

The End

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