Linked by words, United by stories

a poem about communication and the power of simply just reaching out.



Correspondence links us

There’s nothing more powerful than words

Adheres me to you, just knowing I am on your mind

I feel a tad bit lighter

My steps feel effortless like I had some inborn grace

And I want to love you

To feel the revelation that I am totally at ease and boneless

So please keep in touch

Write to me when you feel alone

I’ll remind you of every long good bye

Last words left slurred or unfinished

What did you want to say?

Say it now

And you’ll never have to feel alone


Tell me to write to you when I feel alone

Left pacing or stir crazy

Sometimes it’s enough to just get out and feel the wind on my face

Other times I just want to shout that I am here

And I’m tired of feeling like I’m waiting

Write to me, tell me about freedom

Give it facets, give it form

Sometimes let it be a place

Our own secret club

I live with reality day in and day out

Tell me of another place

Beyond smoke and mirrors

A place full of dew and the pounding of horse hooves


More than anything else tell me I’m not alone.

And you know where I stand

If I could I’d hold your hand

Tell me one day we will truly meet

I want to sit on your lap like lovers do

Sit in silence like only soul mates can do

Corresponding with nuances.

I know you’d never leave me feeling alone

You’d simply kiss me

And I’d know every moment you were away, you were thinking of the stories you could tell me.

How all of this would amuse me.

The End

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