I cannot retrieve what
I had dropped before,
Cannot deduce the memories
From in amongst the mist
And smoke that must be dew,
Cannot take back to the living
What thoughts had only accompanied
Life in those dragging hours,
In which tastes of flames never
Touched my tongue.
When my lover is gone,
You will not remain
In all words and deeds
And thoughts to prayers converted,
Body and soul reflecting
The still-calm mirror,
Open top easily disturbed
When the rain scatters forth
Its own images of love.
His head is cresting
Buildings, and in transcendence,
I see him declared,
Yet without a word
That can be touched,
Without a decoration of declaration.
Furious visions are confusion,
Blurred maligns of logic
Are my eyes for the present,
Time to look back
Suddenly swerving forward
Into the dreams,
Perhaps mirages,
Only concurrent when it flows,
For the current only knows.

The End

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