Lines on the Paper

Lines on paper

So silent and stiff

Hold the lies of our lives

In their prisons devoid of color and hope

They give no comfort

No happiness. No cheer

They destroy heart, home, and life

They drink in the madness of humanity's struggle

The lines know no difference between good and evil

And the end of time brings forth these lines

Presenting them to our souls

In hope that they will be crushed

Some will and some won't

Some will hear of their own deeds 

And collapse in flames

But others with stand tall to the call

These will listen to the evil they've done

And regret nothing

For if they regret the past

The schemes and deaths they dealed would be cheapened

The lives sacrificed for their goals

Would be counted as nothing more than mistakes

And that, my friend, is a fate worse than death itself.

The End

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