Tiny Tim the Five Fingered Fiend

It took me awhile to think of this, had a hard time finding where to finish it too.


Twas a Five fingered fiend he was,

Had to steal his gifts because,

Grandma’s sick, she lay in bed,

Fell down one day and bumped her head.


Looks after her, does Tiny Tim,

‘cause he loves her, and she loves him.

She can’t get up, put on a dress,

He feeds her food, cleans up the mess.


One day as he ran through the mall,

Chased by security, as he did recall.

Slipping and sliding, he scrambled and slid,

To get away from the man, and with that so he did.


Thought he was free from this cat and mouse chase.

The day is half done, time not laid to waste.

A hand was placed on the top of his crown,

“You’re under arrest kid, I’m taking you downtown”


Head in his hand, he cried in despair,

Policemen walked up and ruffled his hair,

“No charges were pressed” he said happy in tone,

“Dry your eyes, I’m taking you home”


Up the stairs to Tim’s house they did walk,

Policeman bent down so that they could both talk.

He looked at the boy with a fatherly smile,

They looked at each other, for a very long while.


“I know why you did this, it must be so hard”

He reached in his pocket and pulled out a card.

It read: To Grandma with all the love I possess on this earth.

“Now I know how much to you this is worth”


With that, the policeman got up, walked away,

Tiny Tim now smiled, and he smiled as he’d say,

“You’re not going to scold me? Won’t put up a fight?”

 “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night”



The End

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