I've been here for years
Buried under the sea.
Your perception keeps me in a coffin
But it's hard to keep your acquaintances in order when you're in the gallows,

Get ready to swing.

And we slide down, around we go, around and around and around
Fading to white, a tad of black humour invades my heart

I am your salvation
I am your Hell.
I am your memories of nightmares

Hold your mind to see, you scream so silently.

The masses recline, and as fifty thousand doors close, a tear dribbles down your face
But your eyes remain needled to my core.

But disgust overruns,
You're a rat.  

The sun beats down upon your exposed chest
The light breeze plays with your hair.
It's here you can fall apart,
And promise you'll die with me.
Promise you'll drown.
Dragged down to the seabed,
They'll pick the sea weed from between your teeth.

Running across the fields of failure, the trees of lies are in sweet bloom.

This chair remembers everything.

The End

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