Lilies And Codeine

Fragments of petals at my feet
Another bleak Tuesday refuses to end
False promises I made to myself
Oh, this numbness is a godsend

Standing beneath the dying trees
Wondering why I never spoke to you
Even though I obsessed for hours
I never really thought it through

Refrain 1:
Staring into your eyes was my codeine
Yet it was destroying me
Why I felt so insecure
Maybe I'll I have to try
Next time

Another infatuation in full bloom
It keeps me awake at night
Ideas of love feed my dysmorphia
My ritual at morning light

Somehow I enjoy this anxiety
It makes me feel alive
If I didn't, I wouldn't need
the will to survive

refrain 2:
How could you seem so divine
I can't just let it beI need you more
Maybe, just maybe I'll have to try
Next time

Dusk leads the path to a shallow sleep
My thoughts always keep me awake
Seeing you walk out the door...
It's more than I can take

The End

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