Likes and Dislikes

I don't like the way I sometimes cry,
Don't like it when I depend on people too much.
Don't like the nightmares I get at night,
Hate my stomach.

But...I like the way I always have a smile on my face,
Like the fact that I have the best friends in the world.
Like waking up next to the one I love,
Love my eyes.

I don't like letting people walk all over me,
Don't like my eyebrows.
Don't like my lips when they get cracked in winter.
Hate my thighs.

Although...I like the fact that I have hope in a world so wicked,
Like that just a hug from someone can make it all better.
Like my lips just after you kiss them.
Love my sense of adventure.

I don't like that I have so many flaws,
But I like that you look past them.

I am me.
And since everyone else is taken,
I think that's a bloody good person to be.

The End

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