Codependency Lies

Codependency Lies

To take care of me - how brutal! how selfish!
I cannot dare to dream of it
To take care of me might be healthy for me
But I will not!

Codependency lies when it says it'll bring satisfaction
But I cannot get away
If I leave and something dreadful happens to you
I'll be the one to blame

So I'll be the Atlas to your globe, simply
Because you let me
To take care of me means to be cruel and finite
So I will take care of you

You or myself? I know which I would choose
I would choose you
To take a break so I can recover from life
Would be rude

A knife has been plunged into my sternum
Cracks through the marrow
Puncturing my life and my soul and my me
But I let it

This is what I have chosen for myself
To be your caretaker
God help me, this is impossible! it only gets worse!
Still, I persevere

I cannot let you take care of yourself
If I will, then you will die
I know you're not strong enough to walk alone
So I will stay here

I'll bend your knees and move your feet
Though it takes so long
To even take one step takes an eternity of time
But I'll do it for you

If I have to, I'll go to the moon and back
Stopped by nothing
If I have to, I'll sell everything I own for you
All for you

The knife twists inside my body, leaving me broken
And gasping for air
Like a fish out of water, I open my lips and gulp
I know now that
Codependency lies... 

The End

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