When You Said

When You Said

When you said you needed me to be there for you
I felt purpose
So even when you ask me to leave, darling
I won't

I find within myself a need to be needed, baby
You are the needer
So I will provide a heart you didn't ask for
Because you need me

When you said you needed me, I felt my soul sing
At last, I had meaning
So even though you want to walk alone sometimes
I'll tag along with you

Someone told me that I might be codependent
If codependent means that your need of me gives me life
Then yes, I am

I would follow you to the grave and back
If you let me
My heart bleeds in time and rhyme with yours
I want to be there for you

You told me that the things I do for you make
An incredible difference
The things I do are tearing me apart on the inside
But still, I do them

Your need of me and my need to be needed
Are killing my soul
Day in, day out, I forsake taking care of me
To take care of you

When you said that I make life worth living
I took it seriously
So even though it's shredding my very being
I will let you need me 

The End

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