Like on the Pebbles

This poem was inspired be an ethereal, chilling song - "Fighting Arizona" by Bo Bruce. You definitely need to listen to it.

Like cold water running over mossy pebbles
My words just pass you by
Like a heart frozen mid-beat in a block of ice
I watch you stand still

Remember the days when you laughed and played
Before the demons got to you
Before the monster crawled underneath your skin
You were my darling

But sweetheart, you are still the one I dance to
Precious, I won't let go
Wounded, wounded, wounded - still I cling
Trying to be your savior

The mountains you face are not mine to move
Still I toil and tire
The demons inside you don't dwell inside me
But I listen as though they do

Darling, darling, where has your sweet smile gone?
Have you forgotten
What it's like to dance among the fleecy meadows?
To step ashore?

The leaves under your feet grow brittle
Once you step on them
Everywhere you go, the air turns to frost and bite
Still, I follow you

The birds stop singing when you open
Your mouth to breathe
The cuts and scars on your wrists are visible
Though the fetters aren't

Baby, baby, baby, let me hold you close and tight
I cannot earn your love
Still, I try to conquer the monsters for you
In the bitter night

I will chase for your happiness until the end
My everlovely star
I would give up love, just so you could find one
Who won't leave you alone

Blood spurts from my soul like a battle wound
You cut me open
You tear me apart with words you don't mean to say
Then act as though the pain will just slide away
Like on the pebbles 

The End

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