life, hardship, price tag and society



Like father, like son. The beast living inside of me, so breathless. Causing my hands and legs to shake upon the presence of shamelessness  that rules my life.

Oh, like father, like son. And I look at myself and see.... I see the way my life is turned upside down because of the chaos that was thrust upon us. Well, I guess that's life then.

Like father, like son. That’s how i live my life then. Struggling, day to day, coping with the misery.... That is humiliation. Trying to piece together the remains of a job. Is that how it is? The irony.

Like father, like son. I go to the shop just to buy myself a chocolate bar, only to see that the  anger and violence that is placed upon my head  is more than I’ve seen so for. The irony.

The price tag on my head and the extermination of my kin has pushed me so far. So far that I don’t know what to do anymore. Looool the irony.

SPOKEN WORD                                              


The End

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