like clockwork clocks

maybe i'm not the problem, the time is
after all, i'm not the one who changes every second

yes, though, 
new sunrise brings new face,
old sky brings old facade,
red dawn is a sudden switch

some days i'm scared of politics, guns, the apocalypse. 
some days i'm scared of horror movies, storms, absentees.
some days i'm scared of spiders, no wifi, uncaffeinated tea.

i a m n  o  t  h  i  n  g

some people get it lucky -
lottery ticket winners, 
kids with athletic parents,
a large house, no financial worries.

some people get it lucky -
sunny disposition,
cheerful expressions all day,
a heart big enough to hold the world.

and some do not.
some spend their life 
with knees that beg to curl
and forearms that spend every minute
aching for solace

but that's just the way we're built.

The End

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