Like a fairy tale- there is always a villain

for a friend.
I'm not Sorry if it seems like it is messy...cause it is. i just wrote what I feel

It looked like a fairy tale
The way you two seemed together
Though I never saw him, I felt like I knew him by the look in your eyes whenever you said his name.

But there was a twist in your story
One I knew was there, but couldn't bring to say out loud.

It just appeared too perfect
And then It was too late.
Who would have thought the villain would be the one you so trusted?

I guess I should not have excited you so
Only for you to be let down
but I never would have guessed...

I was not the only villain.
His lies are what ended his happy ending
And now he will never know how great you are!

I'm glad you told him off
You are so much better off without him
It makes me laugh to think about how crush and guilty he must feel

And proud how maturely you handled the immature situation
All I can say now is
Good riddance

The End

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