Like a Dog

Sit. Roll Over. Speak.

In an indirect way, I'm always being told what to do.

"He gets the best grades," says one.

"My best friend listens to everything I say and keeps it confidential," says another.

"My boyfriend is so successful and makes all the other girls jealous of me," says a third.

But all I hear is how good of a pedigree dog I am. A purebred, who sits on their lap and listens to their problems while they stroke me. And when I speak, my words are nothing but inscrutable barking in their ears.

When I'm upset, all they hear is a whining dog.. They throw me a bone. They never really know what I'm upset about. They just throw me a bone.

"Just give him a bone. That'll make him happy. Now, let's make him do some more tricks," they say

Speak. Sit. Roll over. Speak, sit, roll over. Speak sit roll over. Speaksitrollover. 

God gave us two ears to listen and one mouth to speak. If this hadn't been so, we'd have no wisdom; therefore, listen to me!

I'm not something that can entertain you. I'm not a play thing. Hunger is not the primary reason why I get peevish. I can walk myself. I can speak. I have a voice. Huh, imagine. I'm not a dog. I'm not a pet. I'm a human being with thoughts and feelings.

Treat me like one.

The End

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