Lightning Strikes

Prominently he stood,

Devilishly he sneered,

Artistically he killed.

You follow his every command,


His puppet,

Driven to insanity by his lies,

He returns you,


He gives you fruit,



Your return celebrated,

The gifts gone,

The famished people hastily fade.

He is hated,

Their lord declares him locked in the decrepit pyramid

Of the ancient God,

He is displeased,

Arms raised,

He strikes with lightning hands,

Closing the wind forever.

Your village revolts,

Carelessly invading,

Pointlessly stabbing,

Waving their torches,

The lightning strikes,



Fall to the floor.

His chuckles end,

The ground shakes,

A crack,

Absorber of light,

God of lightning,

Strikes the floor.

Driven down,

The lightning falls,

All is darkness,

Except his glittering corpse,

Magenta grains.

The End

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