Light Warrior.

They asked me my name,
I gave them no response.
They beat me to my knees,
but I held my head high.
They asked me again,
and I did not respond.
They drove my head into the ground,
but I did not struggle.
Instead, I kept my peace.
When they asked me a third time,
I responded, and I said:
"My name is irrelevent to you.
I am but a person, yet not a person.
My name has no sound, form, or taste.
But it has power.
I am Alaric Adhamh
I am He who rules of the earth."
And from my chains, I broke free.
I spread my wings, and Light flowed from me.
My captors shielded their eyes and whimpered.
I swung my Sword Aodhfin and broke their bond of evil.
I destroyed their hate towards my people, my kind.
And from my lips, I spoke their freedom:
" From Dark to Light, you are free. You now can see.
Your bonds are gone, you will hath returned."
And from them I turned, and donned on my Armor fo Sun.
I took up my Shield of the Moon, my Shield Alistair.
And I flew to lead my people, my kin against the powers of Dark.
I flew to lead my Warriors, the Guardians, to war.
For the War has begun.
I am Arthur, and I am one of the last of the Dreamers.
I am one of the few remaining Seers on Earth.
I have just begun my journey. My Brothers and Sisters are rising.
And we are the Warriors of Light. The Guardians.

The End

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