Light on a Cloudy Day

The grassy meadows filled with lilies
and dandelions flowing to the sway of the breeze
The ground crunching as my weight mounts
the life forms beneath,
leaving my imprint behind as I take another step through
They scurry frantically
but it isn't a disturbance,
just another day in the life
We both breathe our sighs of relief,
temporarily resting our heads to bask
in the sweet aroma that surrounds us
We are in the place where nothing matters
All are non existent
This realm
This moment
Both become tangible
Both become something you can grasp
Something to hold on to
to cherish
We lay our heads down
yet the ants crawl on
and we smile
and they smile back
as they haul their new found food across
their vast lands
And we watch on with curiousity
Because moments like this don't come for every one
The moment of rest that people so desperately need

The End

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