Light Me Up

Just a small piece, loosely based around being a poem. About how when I have something that's burning me up from the inside, I write it on a piece of paper and burn the page instead. Dedicated to DTMN aka. Dylan who introduced me to this site and who has therefore reawoken my writing spark.

This is how it always starts
Burning, burning, burning
Words in my head
Red hot
White hot
Flickering flames

The need for pen
A release
My soul scratched out in black ink
Or blue

No one to ever know
The source of my discontent
But a piece of paper
Words on a page
Emotions bled through a pen
Sweet escape of their building pressure

Words are power
Words are underdstanding
Re-read them and know myself
That little bit more
Just enough to allow myself
Rest from these words

Put them to sleep
Extinguish them
Destroy the toil
Of an hour of tortuous re-reading
And fixing the mess made
By the pour of emotions

No paragraphs
No structure
Burn them
As they burned me
So take a match
And light them up

Light them up
My thoughts
My emotions
My words
Light me up

The End

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