Your setting there,
Staring out,
Into the horizon,
Of orange and red.

Eyes casted over the sun,
Captivated by its beautiful form.
As it stares back, rays intensified,
Blinding light, all around, nothing but white.

Eyes closing, but still seen,
Past your eye lids,
Fierce and mean,
Yet strong and warm.

Hitting your skin,
Hot to the touch,
Not minding it that much,
As it makes you sweat.

Purity closes around you,
In the image of a ball of light,
Surrounding you with peace,
Something good and right.

Protecting you in a veil,
Its soothing like a bell,
As it runs through your body,
With love and compassion.

And when its time for its leave,
It still lingers,
To stay in close by, near your heart,
Till come again, tomorrow for a new start.

A never-ending light to keep the dark away,
Whether its night or day.
Sheltering you from life of black,
Ensuring you'll always find your way back.

To a time and place,
With unyielding adoration and grace,
When tears become laughter,
And good times and many more after.

When light surrounds you.

The End

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