I'm still referring to my "Angel" in this piece as well as from "Darkness" (My first poem). This poem is about hoping for light in any shape, size, or form when being trapped in the darkness for so long. My hope of light was My Angel. I hope you enjoy.


There it is.

Again and again...

I think it's light from above.

But I'm not sure.

Could it be you?

Cause I'd want it to be.

Is there light everywhere?

I'm not sure.

I think I hear it...

The light is singing

Again and again...

Or is it me?

Trying, Hoping

for a way out...

of this Darkness.

The light

Here and there

I see it

Seeping through the cracks, everywhere

Could it be?


Could it be you?

My Angel...

My Soul...

My... Light?


Let it be you

I need you

My Angel,

My Soul,

My heavenly light

From above.

The End

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