Light so Pristine, bright, translucent and clear…penetrates through all darkness and drives away all fear
The spark, flicker, fire or flame – are just gates or pathways for light to bare its claim..
On a cold dark and hopeless world..
Stricken with chaos , devoid of hope, knowledge and love
Just like Love is to strife and Courage is to fear
So is Light to those who seek it so dear…
Its like a switch of a bulb, or the burning of a lamp…is merely a proclamation of letters and the resolve of a man
To leave behind his dark past and step into a future ever so bright, filled with goodness and the abundant life
Because even if the flames were to extinguish..or the light house goes dim …the light of the world would still forever live
Deep in the hearts of men as a hope or a dream… because the light we see is a mere translation of the unseen
For light is not an accident but a purpose of the grand design.. the noble intent and a plan of the divine
For those who accept the light..shall never be forsaken..because light though overshadowed by night.. breaks through and never can be hidden..
The benevolence of light and its immortal reflected in the human soul the begotten of the almighty creator.

The End

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