Light & Dark

Laying in wait, yet no hunter was he,
Darkness holds him to its chest.
While starved of light, contentment is his,
Heart gifted time to rest.

But time to wake from this dream,
And tell them what he saw.
They'll want to know which path led there,
They'll want to know which door.

Time since passed and days gone by,
We'll look back and wonder how.
Is there light in him to show the way?
Has he passed through darkness now?

Black and whites and shades of grey,
Desire to learn and grow.
Remember, it's light that casts those shadows,
And in darkness he would know.

Held once more to pitch black chest,
Here his answers found.
Stronger now than times before,
Wisdom no longer bound.

And hope can stop to catch its breath,
Concern can take a break.
He'll tell them all that in due course,
Their hearts will cease to ache.

And as foretold they came to learn,
His words were true indeed.
In darkness where his answers lived,
In light they now were freed.

The End

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