Lifes Unexpected

poem, i was angry when i wrote it, you can really tell, its just my stab at.

So in life the unexpected happens,

As sure as the wind does blow.

But the thing I’ve come to realise,

Is that you just have to cope.


So it’s a shock when it comes,

From nowhere it seems to root.

But, heck get over it,

Things will probably change again soon.


So love comes from nowhere,

The whirlwind of romance.

It drags you in tears you up,

And spits you back out.


So a child comes from nowhere,

Pregnancy what a shock!

Well get on with it you stupid girl,

9 months ain’t that long!


So illness that’s a bad one,

Can come in and tear you down.

But pick yourself back up again,

And prepare for another round.


I don’t care if you didn’t see it coming,

I don’t care if it came out of the dark.

Because life is the unexpected,

And life’s dealt me some pretty hard blows.


I’m allowed to be angry,

I’m allowed to be annoyed.

I’m allowed to feel sad,

And I’m allowed to cry through the night.


You know nothing of me, the way I live,

You never bothered to think of where I’ve been.

So before you silence my opinions,

And ask me “who am I to say?”


Realise that my life means I know,

And I know more than you ever will,

So keep your judgements to yourself,

And live your happy little life.


Just hope the bubble never pops,

 Hope you never encounter strife,

Because if the day does come,

 Where the unexpected cuts you deep,

You haven’t got the guts,

To pick yourself back up and “deal”.

The End

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