Life's Currents

My friend and I talking our troubles away in slam poetry.

 Earthly Bound I will strive to fit in,

But what is to fit in, like a round peg

into a square hole, I'm more like a oval piece and 

this world is a triangular prism 

I won't let it bound me like it has other people I know -Joshua L.(me)

Forsaken we all have been alone for the taking

Left with the feeling of apathy and yet,

Who have I become?

Such a stranger standing in this reflection,

like a riddling ripple, I feel nothing -Josh H.

I was left alone at a young age to face my own,

to learn how to become a man, and there is nothing

to justify abandonment of a child to a cold, cold life -Joshua L

Knowing such gold of a skillful life,

I was something or was?

How can a man like me be so unlike me

Those who once stood aside

Came with instincts, fight or flight -Josh H.

I purge at the thought of how many people there is like me,

Its sick how so many are lost and confused,

But these currents shackle and we all must take on

Our lives in the mariana trench -Joshua L.

But no matter how high life's currents get,

There's more to this abyss,

We all go through these Odysseys,

Yet we all have to face these troubles

In the mariana trench -Josh H.


The End

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