Life Unstarted

They say
You are still young, your life hasn't yet started
But in my eyes, I've already departed
I've lost everything that I held dear
And I'm living each day based upon fear

They say
This isn't real, it's all inside your head
But insides can't think if they're already dead
The world around me is so unstable
In such a place, to cope I'm unable


One day
Maybe they'll see, that age doesn't define
The intensity of your worries or mine
That our struggles, they hurt, they're real
It's just life? This is not how we should feel

One day
Their eyes will be opened, our realm will be seen
The young will be looked at in a different mien
"Just a phase" won't be a term for dying
And the sad won't be accused of lying

Some day
They will see that we live life based upon fear
And they'll give back everything that we held dear
They will turn and say you seem departed

And we will tell them, life has just started

The End

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