Deranged Weddings

Bereaved at birth,
losing a life-time.
Bolstered by those
who bred you.

Your life laid out,
precise and perfect.
Silver shinning cutlery
on an elegant table.

Expected to play
your part as a pawn.
A bargaining chip
at a banquet of business.

Your destiny dealt,
your soul spent
on an advantageous ally.
This meal, inhospitable, inhumane.

False dreams fed to you
every despairing day.
An afterthought, compassion
a ridiculous redemption.

And on that Judgement day,
you will smile and
flaunt false affection,
while tears trace your cheeks.

You've been handed,
this rugged, desperate desert,
and it you must tend
and make love flourish.

You will come to the day,
when your heavy, hardened heart,
will pass down the flawed favour
perpetuating the pain.

Weakened on your deathbed,
you heart once soft again,
you'll realise your faulted logic,
guilt your final feeling.

The End

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