Dreaming in ColorMature

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Little boy, little boy
Where you going little boy?
Hope you weren't running away

Because this ward's under quarantine
There's fights out on the mezzanine
Besides, it's a holy day

They found us in the cellar reminiscing 'bout the glory days -
Tellin' us they were dead.
'til we got up and said:

I don't know where I'm going,
I can't fear what you said.
I find with every moment
Looking back just makes us dead.

I've beat out each pariah,
Broke every windowpane.
I believe if I'm just me then
I'll find my way again

Get up, get down - You're losing control
Don't find yourself, but don't lose your soul.
Caring too much just more breaks your heart
When everything that matters falls apart.
Right all your wrongs 'til everything's gone,
Bleed out the words 'til they make a song.
No shades of grey, there's not much to say
When dreaming's all that takes the pain away.
So dream with be about a better day.

The End

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