(Not so Cosmic) IronyMature

She continues
And misses the point completely.

If she was paid by word,
Then I might understand.
The clock just runs in circles
As she endlessly drones on.
And on.

My classmates stare, attentively
(Ironic, truth be told)
As she berates them all with the promise of knowledge
Yet refuses to let us raise our hands.

It's hard to stop myself from laughing.

"When people talk, listen completely -
most people never listen."
These words I strive to live by
(Though the world sure makes it hard)
I heard them from a 'gentle' man
Whose name was Hemingway.

As the clock runs another circle,
I ponder the humor of it all
And examine the cover, aptly titled:
The Old Man and the Sea.

If she was paid by word,
Perhaps I'd understand.
But this book here holds knowledge
From an old - but wiser - man.

I'd raise my hand
But there's no use,
She'd wave it off as always.
So you just talk, and I'll just read
And we'll find out which one pays.

The End

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