I Break ThingsMature

I blink with all my might

Wishing this is just a dream

And that dream would vanish with the light.


Many Christmases ago, I received

A quaint object - a doll of sorts

With long yellow hair and rosy cheeks.

I played with it for hours on end

Until her hair came out

As well as the paint on her porcelain cheeks.

My mother moaned:

"You break things."


Two years past, I received

A station wagon - pale from age

Yet with it I did travel far

Until the poor and dying car

Did heave and sputter - out of breath

And crashed into a traffic light

My parents chastised me, quite greatly

Shrugging, I let them berate me.

What can I say, I break things.


And now you're lying on the ground

Beside an empty orange Zoloft bottle

You received - full - the day before.


I said I loved you, every day

I never chastised

You were my world and nothing less

To me, that much I can confess.

My tears are running down my cheeks

As I deny involvement...

...Yet there my sins lie, documented

In a folded piece of notebook paper

Grasped within your cold hand.


I tried my hardest - you couldn't tell

I loved not wisely, but too well

But in the end it matters not

What can I say?

I break things.

The End

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