When I Come HomeMature

Poems and songs that I write, mostly through necessity rather than expression (although that is clearly a factor).

Broken stoplights, busted reeds
Empty windows, tumbleweeds
The realization I'm alone
They all greet me when I come home

A tattered flag, it waves "hello"
Portraits smile as if they know
That in years past when I did roam
I'd always dream of coming home

Yet here I am, not much to see
This town is barren as can be
The doorways creak, the buildings moan
This place I used to call my home

It's quite ironic, truth be told
I always used to feel so bold
But now these streets bear somber tone
I feel I'd best leave them alone

Childhood sweethearts, friends and kin
Now shadows stand where they had been
It all is silent as a stone
I swear to god, if I'd have known...

Was it truly all that way?
Nostalgia can corrode, they say.
I'll find that thing, and soon I'll own:
A better place; a better home.

The End

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