Life These Days

The title says it all!!!

Livin' in a slow hell, walkin' through the fire.

Given up, oh well, sayin' bye to past desire.

Havin' a bad day, as you can probably tell.

Not feelin' myself, I'll go crawl back in my shell.

Don't know if I'm strong enough to face the world alone.

Don't know how I'd cope without the place that I call home.

Livin' in a war zone, battered and confused.

Wish I didn't have to stay always feelin' bruised.

Society has closed the doors on every open mind.

It's captured all the innocence, and lost it's reason to be kind.

What happened to the morals in this more or less world?

Wish I could go back, to when I was a little girl.

The End

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