Life or drugsMature

A poem of the depravity caused by drugs

It starts with a harmless plant.

Smokin the tree.

Hittin the green.

Blazin that ganja.


Then you wonder if you can go lower?

So you try some pills.

Just this once, you say.

But that’s never how it goes.


So lower and lower you go.

The oxy and the perks turn to something else.

You become something you never thought you would be.

You turn hard.


‘She can go hard, she can go hard as any guy.’

‘Yea one more. Pack it up.’

‘How much? Where at? When?’

You louse your life to it.


Then your riding on the H train.

Your vice, you life.

Its not just for fun anymore, you need it.

But you cant see what its done, no matter what they say.



Its a strange world.

You know what will happen, you think you can beat it.

Control that urge to take it further.

Just this once, you say.


But it keeps calling you.

‘One is to many and a thousand is never enough.’

You cant have both,

Your life or your drugs.

The End

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