Life on Masser

The sound of the wind, whistling in the air, brushing the stone to sand. She wakes up, blinking her watering eyes free from dust. Alizarin dust. The roof is ochre, the walls are umber. A sienna statue, carved out of the terracotta rock clads the cave. At it's paws, a single cobalt flame still lingers, after so many ages. She wearily moves, amber eyes fixed on the feline statue. A gust of a sharp breeze hits from behind, and whilst turning to whence it came, the view of the barren land hits close to the wandering heart. The searing sun is setting, behind dunes too far off to see. Her paws become buried in the auburn sand, as she wonders upon the valley of carmine. Shielding her eyes from the dying light, the desert reveals its long forgotten secret; it starts as scattered bricks, sticking up from beneath the blowing whirlwind, a trail, leading forth to a wall of maroon. Crumbling claystone, built by someone, a long time ago. The ruins are rounded, and they twist and turn, it is a labyrinth. Alone and forlorn, eroding, will they answer khajiits touch? Only Masser knows.

The End

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