Life Moves On...

But the memories are here to stay.
I can't seem to erase the times when
I would love you more and more each day.

I miss you, I do,
Your warmth, your scent, the beat of your heart...
My love for you was solid and true,
Progressing into an art.

I miss the comfort and happiness
Of your voice, your eyes, your smile.
Your absence fills me with this emptiness...
Will it last a while?

Never could I be so loyal, never love so much.
Vision rosey, thoughts of forever,
Pulse quickened by a touch.

Life moves on, new memories are born.
Memories, like photographs, are links to time,
Old ones fading, past emotions torn.
The clock of life ticks, begins to chime.

This pretentious world will keep on spinning,
the oblivious seasons will always pass.
The thread of Fate will be thinning,
Yet always my heart will find you,
Like a broken little compass. 

The End

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