Life, Love and Death

Sometimes you can't feel anything,

like a part of you is covered up and you protect that,

like your inner self can't get free,

Like a part of you is torn apart,

and you can only get that one part,

life, goes on though, love, you can never reach if you aren't open,

aren't free, aren't loving yourself, for who you are, but death, sometimes when someone you love dies, it happens that you recede into that shell of yourself.

Sometimes the only thing you worry about is how popcorn is done,

not many people have that pleasure,

usually that kind of person, is just covering up the pain you or anybody else feels.

It's normal to feel pain, but you must not shy away from things that could turn into great things, everyone feels pain, wether they want to admit it or not, it's there, no matter how deep it's buried, it can escape, thats why you have to embrace it instead of fear it, you must endure and move on.

The End

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