Life Is A Hike

One foot in front of the other.
Stepping over a branch,
Or a rock in the path,
But Constantly moving.

Pausing to view the Scenery,
And to catch a breath or two.
Then persisting on,
To reach the summit.

Reaching the top.
Only to see,
The ridge resume,
Descend into a valley,
And ascend again.

Seventeen years ago,
I started this journey,
With you by my side.

From the first step,
To the first mountain,
You were there for it all.

Now I’ll continue on this trek,
But you’ll still be there.
To catch me when I fall,
To Steady me when I stumble, and
To guide me when I’m Lost.

For we are two hikers hiking the mountain range of time.

The End

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