wisps of something long-gone reach out and touch

chipped nail polish
and dead houseplants

i greet you well
you greet me none at all

one of these days you'll notice me, 
high as the rising sun, 
invisible as the way your heart
soars in the evening

i remember what it felt like, 
i do, i promise this to you, 
but i can't feel it anymore, 
not like you can.

never will, in retrospect.
probably should have seen it coming
but the roof was inviting
and rain is more slippery than you realize

so here i'll stay, 
fingertips that you can't feel
brushing across your cheeks in the morning
when you're asleep enough
that you're barely awake 

and i wish you luck, 
i truly do, love, 
but i'll never stop missing you. 

The End

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