Life As We Knew It :) (11-15)

During the book of Life As We Knew It, we always wondered how Miranda and the rest of the people will learn or like go to school. She starts stealing stuff because people are more worried of not dying they don't care about people stealing. More and more people start moving and Miranda's brother says why is it a big deal because either way everyone dies if the moon hits.

Throughout the book there is different themes for the book. My theme would be "Love the people who cares the most." Miranda always cares for her mom like when her mom broke her ankle she still stood by and helped her. She also care for Megan who had died. She puts the people she loves before herself like her mother does. The quote," I hadn't thought to put my winter coat on or gloves." She thought about her mom after the accident, not about her protection. 

Since Miranda has been so worried about her mom in chapter 13 it made her help more. She has a lot for her mom. Her mom has did so much for Miranda and her family, Miranda thought that since she did so much why not help her. When you read the book you notice that the men cuts down trees builds stuff things like that and the women cooks for the family. They show that women is weaker than guys like they can't handle the things they do. But they still keep the brothers cutting trees and mom and Miranda cleaning and cooking. My opinion I wouldn't let guys treat girls like they aren't strong. 

The End

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