Life and Death

This is very new territory for me. I'd say this is probably the very first poem I've ever written. I normally do fiction and occasionally some songwriting, but that's quite different from this.


If only life could be what it once was

Radiant and innocent

If only that melodic laughter wasn’t so foreign now

If only my lips still smiled


If only I had known the brevity 

of childhood, of untouchable joy

Had I cherished, basked in those precious moments

Before time became a thief 

Before the curtains closed


I grieve that whilom bliss,

Its lingering departure now complete

On this horizon it is no longer seen

I know that days of peace are gone

I know I am abandoned


Though my heart is still beating, my lungs still take air

They are false testimonies 

My spirit has died, and now my body lags behind

I am left to a bitter void, a darkness indescribable

I am left to await my only release, 




The End

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