Life After You


I feel lonely even though I'm in a crowd,

I can't tell you I miss you; just because I'm too proud.


But I do; I miss you; I miss those heated fights,

Those deep philosophical conversations under starry nights.


But to miss you; I lost all right,

When I ended it all that night.

So now I just sit and stare at pictures of us,

My heart sits useless in my chest; gathering rust.


Maybe we didn't belong together,

Like birds of a different feather.


Or maybe we do,

I don't know; do you feel this too?


The sad songs finally make sense to me,

I see it as a bad sign.

My loneliness screams out at me,

And this darkness is all mine.


I think I'm losing my grip on reality,

Or am I another casualty,

Of love, of life and of Insanity?


You waltz into my life; then you stormed out,

I felt suffocated; I just wanted to shout.


I know I will be fine,

This I don't need some mystic to divine.

But I still wonder sometimes,

If you and I could be back on line.

until that day; I bide my time.

The End

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