Life was meant for so much more.
It was meant to raise you up, it was meant to cut away at your very core.
Different directions, you make your choice and hope its right.
Because your not sure how much longer you can fight.


Your getting hit from every corner, and tore from every angle.
Your feeling all these emotions, mostly sadness, mostly anger.
It's a like a wave of heat and it burns, because it doesn't matter, and your will breaks like glass that clatters.


You think that maybe your alone, maybe you were meant to be because all life leads you is to an eagle as it flies away with something you'll never be, free.

You can close your eyes, wanting nothing put closure.
As it eats away at everything that you are and there's nothing left, not even your composure.


What is the use to feel, when all there is, is a empty pit, you are void that even the devil himself would avoid.

You allow the never ending black to close the light because you gave it all your might, but there are some things that are meant to be buried, with all the burdens and pain you were forced to carry but it doesn't hurt.


You welcome it in hopes it'll end, that all the heartache would disappear and peace will at last become your first friend.

The last breath you take wont be one that you had to catch when the ache became to much, but when you are longing for just a simple touch.

Even if it is from the cold when everything comes to a close,  because even then at least you know you ain't truly gone when you can still feel, though its from a reality that is no longer real.


But its the closest thing you got, even if you believed you deserve to rot, its the only thing that makes you realize that your on your own, in a world where your name will never be carved in a tombstone.

The End

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