Sometimes, people feel so unhappy with their lives that they believe ending their life is the best option. Suicide is one of those topics, like self-harm, where outsiders don't fully understand the thought process behind it. The cause of this misunderstanding is a result of lack of communication. People prefer not to talk about such dense topics because they can be uncomfortable, but talking could save lives.

     I digress, suicide is believed to be the last option when people can't find the answers they are looking for. Some people jump off a bridge to kill themselves, but some survive the jump. Many of the people say that halfway down, they started to regret their decision. These people realized that they just weren't looking hard enough for the answers. Maybe, someone could tell the people who were about to end it all to think what would be going through their head as they would be falling towards the dark water. If people would try to relate to the people about to commit suicide rather than yell at then for being selfish, things would have a happier ending. Many of these people think by leaving this world, they would actually be making the lives of others easier to live.

The End

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