I'll never forget this moment. I thought I was going to die....

I close my eyes tight.

The pain is so immense,

I try desperately to breath.

Every bit of my body is tense.

A gentle hand is stroking my forehead,

I try to open my eyes-

But I can't!

Another wave of pain

Is ripping me to parts.

 I hear voices around me,

I know that if I open my eyes-

I'll see the light.

I want to,

But I am not strong enough.

"I am here my love"

I hear a whisper

"Just hang on a little bit more"

He bags me with a trembled voice.

I bite my lips as hard as I can

Not wanting to scream,

Not wanting him to know how bad it is.

I can't endure anymore!

I feel the life draining out of me-

A tremendous wave of pain rushes through me,

I hear a piercing scream…

Who is it? Is it me?

Am I dead?


I open my eyes-

There is a blinding light.

Am I still alive?

A soft sound is reaching my consciousness,

What is it?

A soft baby's cry.

My baby!

My blurry vision is cleared,

I can see her.

"Please let me hold her" I ask-

I hold her in my arms,

Smell her sweet breath,

My lips touch her silky brow.

"I love you baby" I whisper,

Forgetting the pain.

What a treasures moment.

The End

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